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It's about time!

Hey everyone,

My name is Dominique and I’m the founder of The Messy Folk. I am a mama to an almost 5year old and wife to a loving husband. I’ve spent the last 13 years working as an Early Childhood Teacher completing my degree in early 2018. I’ve wore many hats during my teaching career including; Trainee, Educator, Room Leader,2IC, Educational Leader and Director all stepping stones that have led me here.

Throughout my years of studying child development, I grew fascinated by the proposed theory that children learn through play and loved the concept of child-led play for children. During my years as a teacher I’ve always hoped to create an environment where children could be free to explore their world without limits. This along with my love for the natural environment encouraged me to create a space for children where they could learn through play while being in nature.

The Messy Folk came about after a conversation that I’d had with a parent as an Early Childhood Teacher. In early 2022 I mentioned to her that I’d like to start a little sensory playgroup for children, later that year that thought became a reality.

Come July 2023 our open day and first session for 2023, it was a huge success. We’ve been fortunate to be running consistent sessions since then and have met so many beautiful children and their families.

Since then so much has happened but I’ll save that for my next bloggy post.

Thank you for being here.

Lots of love,


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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2023

Your amazing Dom. Love your work and your vision. Keep striving, you've got this.

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